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Four victims were present in swimming swimming pools with their tricycles, and one youngster obtained a deadly head damage after his tricycle toppled over. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued only 31 toy recollects — none of which concerned a lead violation. This compares with 172 toy remembers in fiscal 12 months 2008 ; 50 recollects in 2009 ; forty six recollects in fiscal 12 months 2010 ; 34 remembers in 2011 ; and 38 recalls in 2012 . The majority of toy remembers introduced last 12 months concerned ingestion hazards, including chemical and magnetic dangers. This recall consists of the Manhattan Toy Quixel baby rattles, which have four, coloured arches with sliding beads on every of the arches. The arches are held together by a single string of pink, white and blue elastic.

Grumpy Cat toys have blue crystal eyes with the eye lids half closed, a down-turned mouth and white whiskers. The Grumpy Cat key chain has a black plastic key clip at the top of the cat’s head. The recalled toys have batch numbers or , and mannequin numbers printed on the sewn-in label positioned close to the tail of the cat. The recalled flipping acrobat toys are made of painted wood and are eight.5 inches tall. The toys consist of two rectangular wood sticks linked by a wooden crosspiece close to one end and a coyote, tremendous hero, woodpecker or yellow fowl picket cartoon character suspended by nylon string at the different finish. The play sets, manufactured in China, were bought completely at Lakeshore retail stores, Lakeshore Learning Materials’ Early Childhood catalog and online at from December 2013 to April 2014 for about $30.

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The front of the bigger bag had a multi-colored label with the phrases “Jelly BeadZ,” “Easy to comply with directions” and had instructions for use. Consumers ought to take the recalled rattles away from young kids immediately and make contact with Midwest-CBK for a full refund. Consumers ought to immediately cease utilizing the recalled cork block toys and get in touch with A Harvest Company for directions to return the block units for a merchandise credit score. The toys, manufactured in China, have been offered at reward, drug and toy shops including hospitals, museums and reward shops nationwide from December 2013, through January 2014, for about $8 to $10. This recall involves three types of plush Grumpy Cat stuffed animal toys by Ganz. They embody an 8-inch Grumpy Cat in mendacity place, a 5-inch lengthy sitting Grumpy Cat and a 4-inch Grumpy Cat key clip. The toys are multi-colored in white with dark brown, light brown and gray fur materials.

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Jumbo BeadZ toys are marble-sized water-absorbing balls. They were bought in a package consisting of three separate 2.5-inch x 2-inch clear, resealable luggage inside a 3.5-inch x four-inch clear, resealable bag. Each smaller bag had eight to 12 water balls of barely completely different sizes. The balls came in clear, blue, pink, orange, yellow, green and purple colours.

  • Two of these toys — a latex one for canines that looks like a inexperienced monster and a cloth catnip one — revealed what the labs toxicologist known as excessive ranges of the poisonous metals lead, chromium, and cadmium.
  • But two veterinarians who reviewed ExperToxs findings stated the levels of toxic metals in the chew toys don’t pose a well being threat to canines or cats.
  • One of the canine toys — a latex one that appears like a inexperienced monster — examined constructive for what the labs toxicologist mentioned are excessive levels of lead and the cancer producing agent chromium.
  • Whether the toys are a hazard to children and adults who deal with them is not clear.

The rattle arches measure about 5 inches in diameter. The toys, manufactured in China, were offered at Amazon.com from February 2012, via September 2013, for about $9.



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11 Trends Xoxo Buckle Wrap Baby Carrier Eco Cotton