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A dog goes to get a good dose of chromium and lead from this toy. The green monster toy additionally had what Lykissa thought-about high ranges of chromium–334.9 micrograms per kilogram. ConsumerAffairs.com on Friday sent a copy of the labs outcomes to Wal-Mart. Today, a company spokeswoman requested us for extra details about the chew toys specifically the UPC codes. The FDA additionally advised us it has no regulatory power over toys for canines and cats. All imported KONG product traces are examined by independent laboratories, once in China and once more in the U.S. to show they’re protected and non-poisonous, he stated.

I simply did what a dog or cat would do by licking it. Theres one more reason Lykissa is worried about the heavy metals in these chew toys.

Once products are obtained in the KONG warehouse they are again subjected to strict KONG high quality control procedures. There are no governmental controls over these products, he mentioned. Lead, he said, goes to the mind and causes learning problems in children. If Wal-Mart says the limits are less, than I believe them. These materials came off the toys freely, like with the lick of the tongue from a dog or cat, he informed us. Theres certainly trigger for everyone to pay attention to this report, he added. Some people might say oh my goodness, how can this happen?

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  • “It’s additionally good news that two-thirds of the products tested had lower or no detectable levels of chemical substances,” he added.
  • Protecting Americas littlest consumers better was all the time a good suggestion, however now its the law, mentioned U.S.
  • We look ahead to working with a stronger CPSC with extra tools at its disposal.
  • “There is just no place for poisonous chemical compounds in youngsters’s toys,” he added.
  • “So we’re trending in the best course. But we’re not able to declare victory. There are nonetheless far too many toys on the market with chemical compounds in them and that is nonetheless a major problem.”

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Mattel mentioned the company has stopped selling the recalled merchandise, told its retailers to pull them from the shelves, and made a manufacturing change. An investigation by ConsumerAffairs.com earlier this summer additionally revealed that 96 % of all toys recalled in the course of the first a part of the 12 months have been made in China. Lykissa stated toxicologists reduce off a small piece from every of the toys, weighed the samples, and put them in acidic water. These supplies got here off the toys freely, like with the lick of the tongue from a dog or cat, he mentioned.

ExperToxs exams on the catnip toy detected regarding ranges of cadmium 236 micrograms per kilogram. You are growing the burden on the animal by having these in there.



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