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He was found carrying a blue shirt, blue knit pants, a brown belt, a light-weight blazer jacket, and one sneaker. A key ring with 5 keys, a folding brush-comb combination, a Snoopy night gentle, and a small pocket knife were found on his person. The highway in which the man was discovered on serves as a cutoff between State Route 6 and State Route 191, being a good place to dump the physique for someone conversant in the world. His skull had been fractured simply earlier than his death, and he had presumably been stabbed within the back twice.

External photographs Digital 3D reconstruction SuitcaseOn August eight, 1989, a blue suitcase containing the skeleton of a toddler was discovered close to the Barren River Lake, Glasgow, Barren County, Kentucky. The sufferer was estimated to have been between two and three years old and its sex was not potential to find out, although some consider that the kid was female. The sufferer, who might have been biracial, had been deceased for one to six months and the case was dominated as a murder. However, after those three calls, the supposed lawyer never contacted police once more.

  • There he found the skeletal stays of a young white/Hispanic (with potential African American/Asian admixture) feminine.
  • External images Digital Reconstruction Profile Additional ReconstructionOn October 14, 2005, a chimney sweep was hired to clean out the chimney of an condo constructing in Dorchester, Massachusetts.
  • She was discovered solely wearing a pair of white athletic socks, with three blue stripes.

Jackson County Jane Doe (

The decedent is estimated to have died between 1972 and 1982, with pathologists figuring out she had more than likely died a minimum of three years previous to the invention of her physique. Her age is estimated to have been wherever between 17 and forty five years old, though the more than likely age range of this decedent is between 18 and 25 years old.

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She was estimated to have died in 2001 or 2002 and her body had been in such a mummified state that no organs were intact. The decedent had been beaten to death, and should have been a sufferer of a sexual crime, as no clothing beneath her waist was present on her physique. The female had brown eyes and black hair accompanied with hair extensions which were approximately a foot long. She additionally wore a Tweety watch and had painted her fingernails purple. Although her decrease jaw was not discovered, she did not appear to have acquired any dental care in life. On August 24, 1982, the skeletonized remains of a young girl were discovered hid inside a footlocker in Frederick, Maryland by two hikers.


She had medium length, brown or reddish brown hair and is estimated to have stood between five ft two inches and 5 ft six inches in top. He had an injury to his left hip bone and what appeared to be over two dozen shotgun pellets embedded within the bone, meaning he had been shot while alive. Investigators noted that this is able to have brought on the man ache and made him stroll with a limp.



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