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She was initially believed to be Caucasian until this phenotyping proved she was of Somali or East African descent. She may presumably be a sufferer of serial killer, Israel Keyes. On March 21, 1984, the body of a teenage female was found in Seattle, Washington. She had died at least ten months earlier than her discovery and was aged between 12 and 18. She was most probably left-handed, and a healed fracture was also noticed on her cranium. Gary Ridgway described her as a white feminine in her early twenties who might have had brown hair.

A separate hand was situated across the time of the invention of her torso, but was decided to not have belonged to the decedent. She is known to have borne at least one baby throughout her life. Fairfax County Jane Doe was estimated to be between five feet and five ft three inches in peak and had “darkish blond to brown hair”. The dental care she had received was comparatively poor as a lot of her enamel have been in a complicated state of decay. She is presumed to be white, although it’s attainable that she may have been Hispanic.

  • Three unspent .38 caliber bullets wrapped in tissue paper were present in his pocket.
  • He was discovered carrying a light-weight colored Ralph Lauren model polo jacket, a brief sleeved T-shirt, a pair of tan Bugle Boy pants, white boxer shorts and a pair of leather-based shoes.
  • His dental records instructed that he may have smoked or chewed tobacco in life.

Benton County John Doe

A teenage or younger grownup lady, believed to be between 15 and 21 years old when she died, who was found frozen in a creek on November 23, 2008. She had a particular overbite, might have been pigeon-toed or knock-kneed, and was not carrying shoes or socks. She had shoulder-size mild brown hair, possibly with highlights, and weighed approximately 120 kilos. Isotope testing indicated she originated from New Mexico or Arizona and had lived in the Midwest for a 12 months or much less earlier than her demise. She had been deceased for 3 months, and had presumably been moved from another burial website. Hair colour and eye color are not conclusively recognized, but are believed to be black and brown, respectively, based mostly on DNA phenotyping by Parabon Nanolabs.

El Dorado Jane Doe

The decedent was white, around 5 toes 5 inches in peak and weighed approximately a hundred thirty pounds. She had two outstanding moles on her neck, and is thought to have suffered from a minor case of spina bifida. She also had a scar on each her left arm and on considered one of her knees. Her body was extensively dismembered, together with her head, arms and toes being severed from her physique.

On June 13, 1972, the nude physique of a boy of African heritage aged between three and six years old was present in Massey Creek, Virginia. He was 4 toes tall, weighed just 50 pounds, and had been useless lower than 24 hours. The explanation for dying was decided to be a number of blows to the head. The skeleton of a woman of African heritage was discovered on November 14, 2007, in La Vergne, Rutherford County. She had been murdered roughly 4 months prior to her discovery, and her clothes had been eliminated.



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