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There’s another excuse Dr. Lykissa expressed issues in regards to the heavy metals in these chew toys. ExperTox’s checks on the catnip toy detected “regarding” ranges of cadmium 236 micrograms per kilogram. We purchased the toys from a Wal-Mart in Kansas City, Missouri. All the toys had a tag connected that learn “Marketed by Wal-Mart shops and Made in China.”

They can pose choking hazards to toddlers and infants. • Carefully read instructions for the meeting and use of toys.

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Dr. Lykissa said toxicologists reduce off a small piece from every of the toys, weighed the samples, and put them in acidic water. “These supplies got here off the toys freely, like with the lick of the tongue from a dog or cat,” he mentioned. “They were readily liberated from these toys. We didn’t take a sledge hammer and pound on them. I simply did what a dog or cat would do by licking it. That’s why this is so critical.”

Chargers and adapters can pose thermal burn hazards to youngsters. • Magnets For kids under age six, keep away from building units with small magnets. If magnets or pieces with magnets are swallowed, critical accidents and/or dying can happen. • Beware of toys that can be broken into smaller items corresponding to chalk, crayons, or caps from markers.

  • The gentle and colourful products could be mistaken by a baby for sweet.
  • When swallowed, they can expand inside a child’s physique and trigger intestinal obstructions, leading to extreme discomfort, vomiting, dehydration and could possibly be life threatening.
  • Similar toys haven’t shown up on x-rays and wanted surgical procedure to be faraway from the physique.
  • The toys, manufactured in Peru, have been offered at impartial children’s stores and reward outlets nationwide from September 2008, through May 2013, for about $6.

Jean Halloran, product security professional at Consumers Union, the nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports, was not as optimistic. I assume the heightened stage of scrutiny suggests to me that the testing from retailers in combination with all the toys which have been recalled recommend that toys are more likely to be safer, she said. • Look for toys which are flame resistant, retardant or nonflammable. • Organic toys are rising in popularity, but Swindell cautions that there is not yet a chosen label that provides information about a toy being natural. While mother and father are apprehensive about potentially dangerous toys this holiday season, retailers are simply as nervous that parents will bypass the toy aisle this yr. “The solely cause I examined these dog toys is as a result of I actually have misplaced three Shelties in the final 4 years and I can solely determine why certainly one of them died,” mentioned Nancy, who is also a nurse. ExperTox stated Dr. Lykissa is an professional at testing consumer merchandise.



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