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The label on the front of the bag has the words “For ‘Kidz’ of All Ages,” “Jelly BeadZ,” “Bouncy and Beautiful,” “Colorfast,” “Non Toxic,” “Safe for the Environment,” and different words that describe makes use of for the product. One label accommodates instructions for use and the opposite has a barcode with “XU00EC1JRN” beneath it. The teething toys, manufactured in China, were bought solely at Target shops nationwide and online from December 2012, via January 2014, for about $13. Consumers should instantly take them away from young youngsters and stop utilizing these recalled merchandise and return them to Vera Bradley for a full refund.

  • Jessie is initially uncomfortable with this modification, however is rapidly gained over by his Spanish lover charms.
  • The toys carry out their plan to interrupt out of Sunnyside but issues are further difficult after they by chance reset Buzz right into a Spanish version of his deluded self.
  • Following one other rough play date with the younger children, Andy’s toys are reunited with Woody, who had a change of heart and returned to rescue his associates.
  • Jessie apologizes for not listening to Woody, who apologizes in return for leaving.

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The rattles, manufactured in China, have been sold at specialty toy and baby stores nationwide, in Canada and online at from September 2011, by way of October 2013, for about $15. Magic Growing Fruity Fun toys are water-absorbing polymers in the shapes of apples, bananas, butterflies, cherries, grapes, pineapples, roses and strawberries. They were sold in three.5-inch x four-inch, clear, resealable bag with seven assorted shapes in it. They came in blue, green, orange, pink, pink and yellow.

This recall includes all Vera Bradley Bear Ring Rattles and Bunny stuffed animal toys. The bear ring rattle has a white teddy bear head, arms attached to an O-formed body with a inexperienced, blue, brown and pink crisscross sample design rattle. The bear ring rattle measures about 4.25 inches in diameter. Consumers should instantly take the three animal figures away from youngsters and make contact with the company to obtain a free alternative set of the three animal figures. Consumers ought to immediately take the whistle away from children and return it to any McDonald’s for a free alternative toy and both a yogurt tube or a bag of apple slices.

Mattel Lawsuit Seeks Lead Checks For Youngsters

Consumers should immediately take the animated monkey away from youngsters, take away the batteries and return the toy to any Cracker Barrel Old Country Store or contact Giggles International for a full refund. This recall includes Giggles International Animated Sing-Along Monkey toys. The monkey is made of brown and beige plush material and is about 9 inches tall. The toy is designed to carry a music e-book titled “5 Little Monkeys” and to sing the music when activated.

Especially hazard, PIRG mentioned, are toy meals, which to babies look good enough to eat. Scooters and different using toys — Riding toys, skateboards and in-line skates go fast, and falls could possibly be lethal. Helmets and security gear must be worn properly always and they need to be sized to fit. For youngsters beneath 15 years old, nonmotorized scooters continued to be the category of toys associated with essentially the most accidents in 2012. Frequently, these accidents involved lacerations, contusions and abrasions to the kid’s face and head. In addition, two fatalities were reported where children rode nonmotorized scooters into visitors and were hit by motor automobiles. Asphyxiation and aspiration had been the following main causes of toy-related fatalities, including two stories involving balloons and one report involving a stuffed animal.



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